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Picture of Progress

A recent photo opportunity of a rainbow had me looking back to the beginning of our journey at Thompson Road Park… the progress we have made is remarkable!

Focus on Fauna

You might not realize how many animals you can find in a garden! In addition to the wild fauna, we even have some livestock and pets here at Garner Grows.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers. In the literal sense, this proverb illustrates a lesson every child is taught in elementary school science: that plants need water to grow. But in a more figurative sense, it is a reminder that times of hardship and hard work are eventually followed by better times and rewarding results! Both meanings are appropriate for Garner Grows this month.

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The old adage usually refers to the weather, but it’s not a bad analogy for the activity calendar at Garner Grows this month!

“Jette” Black Thumb – An Introduction

My name is Jette, and I am starting a new Blog Series called “Gardening With A ‘Jette’ Black Thumb, to show an unique perspective on Garner Grows!

Growing Our Future – The Year So Far

From an empty 1+ acre field last August, now in February we have prepped almost the whole lot and will be ready to plant soon!

Gardening Tips for Back Health & Safety

Gardening can be hard on the back! Follow these tips from Erbst OrthoSport to avoid injuries and keep your gardening experience enjoyable.

10/11/2020 – The Spicy Post

THE SPICY POST: Some of us here at Garner Grows really love our peppers, especially those of us who start seedlings indoors each year. So naturally we end up with quite a few pepper plants growing.

9/2/20 – Community and Garden Grows

Friends and families come together, and different cultures appreciate each other.
Vegetables, fruits and flowers are not everything at Garner Grows. There is knowledge and skills to teach and learn

1/13/20 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
We started off the year by breaking in a new fire ring. Kids were happily swarming around, playing in the branches and mulch pile between marshmallow roasting and peanut picking

5/28/19 – Make Memories for Memorial Day

Memorial day is a time of remembrance but can also be downtime to enjoy with friends and family. If either or both of those is scarce, come to your community garden and make your own

4/25/19 – Goat Farm Field Trip

Dear garden friends, I am happy to report that the Prodigal Goat Farm field trip was a success. We wish everybody could have come along!

4/2/19 – Garner Grows springs green!

Garner Grows springs green! With the budding growth of the spring season comes new members, generous sponsors, and a variety of exciting events!

10/30/18 – Cool Season at the Garden

Cool season at the garden is my favorite garden time. Mosquitoes and ants are minimal and it is not as uncomfortable. See what events we have to look forward tp next!

8/22/18 – Mother Nature Smiles

If you miss a couple of weeks at Garner Grows Community Garden, you can miss a lot! Catch up on the news about rabbits, a mother hawk, praying mantises and bats, and what they have to do with the garden.

7/1/18 – Heat of Summer

We’re combatting the heat with an irrigation system and changing our workday hours to later in the evening as the heat dissipates.

6/2/18 – State Of The Berries Address

Blackberries are in season! Every few days we pick another 4-6 quarts. Red raspberries are also in season, but not as prolific. Blueberries and wineberries may be ready in a month. “The sweetness of the fruit is in the strength of the root.”

5/10/18 – Garner Grows Embraces the Community

We are a community garden who want to grow a variety of fresh produce, as well welcoming ornamentals to dazzle passersby. We embrace people of all ages, stripes, abilities, etc, to visit and take part in the garden.  

4/16/18 – Spring Abundance

Spring has arrived and with it comes abundance, not just of crops, but new members, successful fundraising and generosity of time and donations

3/10/18 – Spring IS Coming!

It was a beautiful and productive day for our garden community. In spite of snow in the forecast, spring IS coming!

3/3/18 – Brrr! Our Gardeners Defy The Cold

With temperatures barely 40 and a wind too strong to have a warming fire, our brave and hardy gardeners took home some of the first of spinach, parsley and kale

2/25/18 – No Pain, No Gain

Several of our members were feeling the pain this week, but after 3 weeks of weather-related cancellations, nothing was going to keep us from the garden!

1/27/18 – Hugelkultur

Hugelkultur… funny word, serious composting on steroids! Not only will they provide a nourishing spot for crops to grow, but they will reduce water runoff.

1/21/18 – Snow Can’t Stop Us

The snow didn’t keep us down, and it even has benefits like killing mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, and as it melts it will gently water the seedlings

4/22/2017 – We Grew Right Through Winter!

I would say that we are about to begin our spring growing season, but as warm as it has been all winter, we just kept growing! Right now we are harvesting lots of greens for salads