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4/22/2017 – We Grew Right Through Winter!

I would say that we are about to begin our spring growing season, but as warm as it has been all winter, we just kept growing! Right now we are harvesting lots of greens for salads. I had a yummy salad with winter kale and lettuce from the garden last week. We have planted many kinds of spring vegetables in the garden beds over the last few weeks.

With the time change and the days getting longer, we have made the switch to evening hours. That means we will meet at the garden on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5pm-7pm. As it gets hotter toward summertime, we will move the start time back to 6pm and finish at 8pm to avoid the worst of the heat. We will continue with our Saturday hours from, unless we send an email telling you otherwise, 9am to 12pm.

This Saturday, March 11th, we have a potluck meeting in the church from 12pm-1pm. Bring a favorite main dish or appetizer if you can. Let’s not all bring desserts, as yummy as they are. I’m bringing a veggie stir fry, my rice cooker to make 6 or so cups of rice, AND half a cream cheese poundcake. I’m feeling ambitious this morning. Hope it holds until Friday night when I have to do all this cooking!

If you have not paid your 2017 membership dues, please stop by on a Saturday to give it to one of the leaders or mail your payment in as soon as you can. We are counting on that income to pay for the landscaping that the Town of Garner is requiring us to do on the perimeter of the church property.

It must be the hint of spring in the air, but the last couple of weeks new members have been flooding into the garden, sometimes as walk-ons who show up and ask lots of questions (we LOVE answering questions because we LOVE seeing people interested in the garden)!

Several big events are coming up. We will needs all hands on deck for Earth Day 4/22/2017, when we have not one, but two events outside the garden. The annual Strawberry Festival is a huge fundraiser for us. Last year’s event was so busy that the three people manning the plant sale didn’t even have time to eat lunch. This year we are asking that enough members sign up to allow for 3 shifts of 3 people each between 7am and 5pm. That same day, we also have the Earth Day Festival for the Town of Garner. Please let one of the garden leaders know which of these events you can attend.

If you stumbled across this blog because you are looking for a community garden to join, we would love to talk to you. Please send an email to requesting more information.

See you in the garden!  Maggie