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We are leaving the space we are currently at and looking for a new location. As close to the center of the walking area of town as possible, sunny and about 1 acre is much preferred. Please email us if you have a lead.

If you’d like to help us out with defraying expenses you can donate here:
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We have a few shirts available for anyone who wants them.  Both designs in large or XL.  $10 for members, $15 nonmembers.

Garner grows tee shirt with slogan "Get Dirty"
Garner Grows tee shirt with slogan "Gardening: Cheaper than therapy & you get tomatoes!"
Garner grows green tee shirt the logo image and caption Urban Community Garden

Garner Grows Urban Community Garden is a communal space that provides access to land, education and resources to learn and grow food in an environmentally sustainable manner.  We created a local food system where we are able to produce nutritious food with affordable annual dues ($30 per household). The garden is based on a Share the Harvest work program.  This allows members (novice or expert) to grow produce and flowers, as well as their gardening skills.  The garden also promotes a positive and sustainable environment for residents and neighbors to work together.  The garden may also function as a living laboratory for the students of Garner area schools and a model of sustainable practices at the community level. We have a goal to donate approximately 10% of the food grown to local Garner food pantries and soup kitchens.

Please Email us with any questions or inquires at

Our mailing address is: Garner Grows P.O. Box 1647, Garner, NC 27529