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Mushroom Logs For Sale

We have a variety of mushroom logs which may be available for purchase, depending on current stock. All logs have completed their spawn run and are ready to make mushrooms during their appropriate fruiting season. $25-30 per log depending on size. Contact us at for more information or to make a purchase.

All of our mushroom logs are made using plug spawn from Field & Forest Products.

Miss Happiness Shitake – (Cool Weather Strain) A gorgeous late fall fruiting strain that is easy to spot with it’s uniformly round brown caps. This strain tends to concentrate fruitings, making it a good choice for market gardeners looking for big harvests for a Saturday market, or for weekend warriors who visit their logs on weekends.

Night Velvet Shitake – (Warm Weather Strain) This strain behaves more more like a Wide Range strain: fast spawn run and good response to force fruiting. Produces well in both northern and southern states, growing big, plump mushrooms that are like picking apples.

West Wind Shitake – (Wide Range Strain) This strain has a slight advantage in environments with warmer fruiting temperatures. Spawn run may be faster than other wide range strains in areas where summers are prone to dry spells or logs cannot be irrigated. Fruiting temp range 55-75°F. West Wind™ is also slightly more drought tolerant than other wide range strains. Fruits naturally in both the spring and fall.

Blue Dolphin Oyster Mushroom -(Cool Weather Strain) Also known as the “Fall Fruiting Tree Oyster,” this strain undergoes a lovely metamorphosis from the frosty blue pins through the pewter gray clusters of the mature mushrooms. Blue Dolphin” is a prolific fruiter in cooler weather, especially after the first near-frost temperatures in autumn. It needs near freezing temperatures to stimulate fruiting.

For more information about how to care for your Mushroom Log, visit the Shitake Log Instructions at Field & Forest. We have completed the first 4 steps already and your log is ready to begin fruiting. You can read about moisture maintenance, harvesting and force fruiting for your ready-to-go log in steps 5-7.