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Garner Grows Community Garden: Share The Work, Share The Harvest
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We have a lot of great content here on the Garner Grows website for you to explore! Unlike most of the areas of the website which are purely informational, here you will find the areas of the site that are fun and frivolous! Here you can take a peek into the things that make us more than just a garden, but a community!

Garden Blog Index List – Keep up to date on the latest happenings at the garden with our blog! 

Photo Gallery Index List – All the beautiful things we grow in the garden are works of art, and our people are pretty awesome too! Come and take a look at some of the things we grow in our garden, from pictures of the plants growing, to the huge piles of harvested crops! We also grow a variety of ornamental plants in our flower garden. And don’t forget to check out pictures of our members enjoying workdays at the garden, as well as social events.

Recipe Index List – With all the wonderful food we grow, you can bet we have come up with some delicious recipes in which to use them all! We frequently hold Potluck BBQs for our members, and whenever someone brings a popular dish that uses fresh veggies, we post it here to share!