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Mailing Lists

If you are interested in Garner Grows, but not ready to join just yet, you might like to join one of our Mailing Lists. We promise not to flood your mailbox with SPAM, and will only notify you when we hold certain events that interest you. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of the email. Take a look at some of the available mailing lists below and join any that catch your eye! It may take up to 24 hours for your subscription request to be processed. If you do not receive a welcome email within 24 hours, please contact

Mailing Lists

Potential Members Mailing List: Thinking of joining the garden, but want to see what all the fuss is about first? Join our Potential Members list and we will send you weekly information about Public Workdays that are open to non-members so that you can attend. This will let you get an idea of some of the tasks we perform at the garden, and meet some of our fun and friendly community members! When you are ready, you can join as a full-fledged member by filling out our Membership Application and paying the low yearly membership fee. * As a potential member you will not be entitled to a share of any harvest.

Plant Sales Mailing List: Each year we raise money for our garden by selling plants to the public so you can add them to your own garden! This list is for anyone interested in attending our Plant Sales to purchase these plants. We usually hold these on Saturdays in April & May, plus occasional other Sales throughout the growing season. When you subscribe to this list you will receive an email before our sale season begins with details about date, time and location of the sale(s), as well as an idea of what kinds of plants might be available.

Volunteer Days Mailing List: Don’t have time to join as a full member, but want to contribute some of your time to a good cause? By attending one of our Volunteer Days, you can help nourish not just the members of the garden and the families who benefit from our charity donations, but your own mind and body.

Workshop Mailing List: At Garner Grows we offer free educational workshops to the public where you can learn specific gardening skills. If you are interested in attending a free workshop, you can join our mailing list and we will send out an email before each Workshop Event with information about how to sign up. Because we are in the process of moving our garden to a new location, we will probably not have any Workshops available until 2023. Some of the topics you might see offered include:

  • Growing Mushroom Logs
  • Hugelkultur Gardening
  • Plant Propogation
  • Compost Class
  • Polinator Garden
  • Introduction to Bees
  • Native Plants
  • Building Raised Beds

Ready to join a mailing list? Just fill out the short form below!

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your subscription to process.