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Garner Grows Community Garden: Share The Work, Share The Harvest
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Make a Donation

As a nonprofit organization, donations are what keep us running! And don’t think that donations have to be monetary either. We accept donations of many other items and services as well! If you have an idea of something we might benefit from, send us an email at

EIN Number for Tax Deductions: 217-2170085

Donate Money – If you want to make a direct monetary donation, the easiest way is online using one of the QR Code images or links at the bottom of any page on the website (PayPal, Venmo or Square)
Because we are a registered nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible! If you would rather not use PayPal, just contact us at to make other arrangements! If you make a donation large enough to cover a new tree or a new raised bed, then we will display a plaque with your name (or company name) on the tree or bed! For current market price of these items, see our Sponsorship Page.

Donate a Service – If you can provide a service that might benefit our garden, we would love to have you donate that service. Maybe you own some large equipment that you would be willing to bring to our garden and use. After Covid, we find ourselves without an accountant, so accounting services would definitely be welcome for tax season. Need a charity project for your employees? We can arrange a volunteer day for your group at the garden. Use your imagination, we are open to suggestions!

Donate Material Goods – This is where things get surprisingly creative! As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and there are many times we may want something you no longer want! We have landscaping companies that donate mulched wood to our garden; to us its useful, to them it saves the cost and effort of disposal! Produce companies, restaurants and grocery stores can donate what they consider “trash”, such as coffee grounds, or produce that is past it’s prime, and it can be useful to us as compost! Even individuals might have old gardening tools that they are getting rid of and we are happy to take them off your hands!