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Garner Grows Community Garden: Share The Work, Share The Harvest
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5/10/18 – Garner Grows Embraces the Community

Garner Grows is not a farm in a field with rows of the same crop for a maximum profit.  We are a nonprofit urban community garden who want to grow a variety of fresh and unusual produce in season and we aspire to be welcoming from the road thanks to a lovely flower border.  We embrace people of all ages, stripes, abilities, etc, to visit and take part in the garden.  

We have a small mushroom area started, an orchard, an herb garden and will have bees again soon, in addition to the raised beds, BTE or permaculture in the ground gardening and hugelkultur for veggies and fruits.

Ongoing projects are an irrigation system, a driveway, more hugelkultur mounds and more T-shirts.

We are now replacing cool season crops with tomatoes (which need support), peppers, eggplants, melons, okra, squash, corn, beans and other warm season goodies.  Soon sweet potatoes will need protected from dastardly deer, who wiped out our crop last year.

Whereas our bumper crops benefit local food banks, members need to come to workdays to share in the bounty.  Saturday we will pick more greens, strawberries, and disappearing beets which are being sucked into the ground by voles or some kind of greedy underground mouths.  The rabbits have taken a toll on the peas, too!!  We do love critters, but would like them to find another buffet area…