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4/8/20 – Love and Gardening in the Time of Pandemic

It is a warm and super early spring.  We have many volunteers and new members who are glad to get out of their houses.  All of those happy people separate to their own projects and get a lot done at Garner Grows Community Garden.  Come see what has been accomplished already!

With the Pandemic in force many members wear a face mask or buff.  Gloves are encouraged.  Members cannot share their vegetables but must pick their own for safety.  This is essential work for food security and we love it.

The orchard has expanded with new figs, persimmons, pears, pomegranates, azeroles, cranberries and elderberries.  Check out the driveway, meditation maze, deer fence and camouflage screen around the seedling area.  Our rain water cube is now nearly 4 feet above the ground for water pressure.

We are selling plants using online ordering and in person shopping on saturday mornings with social distancing. We even have a list for people who want to be notified of when we have sales. We are starting with perennials, berries, figs, herbs and houseplants but will have veggies before too long. Lists & more info is here.

Iris and columbine in the flower border add color to the raised beds.

We’re very sad we can’t have any actual meetings at local restaurants or potlucks at the garden. Regardless, even from 6 feet away from each other love is felt at your community garden!