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7/16/18 – Light on Business, Heavy on Fun

     The July meeting was light on business and heavier on fun.

     Carlos grilled burgers, hot dogs, brats, and portabellas.  A beautiful yellow watermelon, cucumber salad and chimichurri sauce came from the garden.  George’s home made ice cream, a peanut butter and fudge cake as well as coca cola cake were some of my favorites.  Pam brought a few fruit wine and liquors that we got to sample.  

     Danielle and Jay brought their corn hole set in addition to their whole family.  Edmund appeared with his broken arm and his parents to explain it.  As a bonus, Livian helped Saturday night with the Praying Mantis Rescue Mission.  She brought 7 praying mantises that she saved as she mowed our back yard!  Hopefully, they will help control the inevitable squash bug explosion.  Lots of other folks were on hand for good conversation and company.  

     The Elmer Fudd vs. bunny feud is escalating.  The rabbits ravaged the bean patch closest to the parking lot, but they know they are in trouble because I only saw 1 on Saturday and he shot away like a bullet.  

     Pam had a table covered with t-shirts.  Members purchased their ordered shirts at 5 dollars each.  We will look like an organized team only missing a volleyball and badminton net.  

     I was happy to report that the red raspberry patch is going to produce again within a month.  The primocane blackberries should not be too far behind.

A bunch of us went down to see the flowering of Peter Grande and Juniper Level Botanical Gardens a week or so ago.  That was quite a sight to see!  (and thankfully he didn’t smell too bad when we were there).

As Pam says, I hope to see you in the garden.  pete

Pam and Tammy admire Peter Grande