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4/2/19 – Garner Grows springs green!

Welcome all! Been a while since we’ve checked in.

Garner Grows springs green!

Tammy, Pam, and Jessica are the plant mothers this year as they nurture seedlings under grow lights and in greenhouses.  We are growing the unusual and best seeds that we want for our garden, but lots extra for fundraising sales.

With spring we have had a rush of interest and new members join.  Everyone wants to be outside enjoying the weather. We just set up a small new play area for the littlest ones to enjoy it in sight and safety.

We’ve also had 2 new generous sponsors support our efforts in the last month by sponsoring 2 beds apiece. Be sure to check out our sponsorship page to see who all supports our efforts in many ways, and patronize them.

New beds! Many thanks to Home Advisor and Terry Taylor Realty.

On March 23 we had an impromptu gathering – this time at the garden.  In preparation for the Easter season we trimmed dead limbs from the outside chapel area and parking lot trees.  Jon and Jay brought their own chainsaws.  Pam brought some long ladders.  To celebrate the good day’s work Carlos grilled out and we brought good side dishes and desserts.

hanging out at the cookout
Fixing up some good eats!

The Meditation Herb Maze has made great strides towards completion.  It’s been Pete’s baby, but Danielle and Jay helped lay out the raised labyrinth that Tammy designed.  Pam has been scooping up excess pansies that have helped brighten the maze as well as the rest of the garden.  Come try it out, and brush a few fragrant herbs on your way through!

The central spiral of the meditation herb maze. The herbs will come later as the chips break down into soil over about a year’s time.

Berries are blooming.  Asparagus is sprouting.  Many greens are begging to be picked.  Peas are climbing trellises.  Green onions, parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary and cilantro are waiting for hungry members.

A recent day’s harvest – parsnips, han tsai tai, arugula, leeks, assorted kales, mustard spinach

Next weekend April 6 Pam is leading interested parties on a field trip to Prodigal Goat Farm where she and Layla volunteer.  She reports there are many baby goats to play with.  Our not so secret mission is to acquire some manure, but there is also cheese for sale.

The following weekend April 13 is our spring combined BBQ, baked goods, plant and yard sale.  Yeah! Come out and discover some treasures!

See you at the garden soon!