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7/1/18 – Heat of Summer

The heat of the summer is upon us.  If not for the crew of the community garden (and their near constant watering), all plants would be lost.  Due to their hard work Joe says he has never seen it grow so well. 

Pam’s working on getting the parts for the irrigation system.  Hopefully we’ll get that installed soon to make watering easier!  

Tammy said that all of the summer seeds have been planted (except any that might need reseeded).  Now they need nurturing (and rain, hopefully).

The heat may force a change in the summer work hours for Saturdays.  We are going to try 7-9 Saturday EVENINGS and see if that works for folks.  It’ll certainly be more comfortable.  

I’m sorry to say that blackberries and red raspberries are done. No more 5 – 6 gallons of berries.  However, gardening is a growing and learning experience.  A better netting and watering system for the berries would do wonders to extend the harvest next round.

Cucumbers, beans, summer squash, peppers, carrots, cabbage, basil and kale are in season.  Tomatoes, field peas, eggplants, okra, melons and more are coming soon.  Apples and persimmons will be later.  Fortunately flowers are always in season, showing off an ever changing palette.  Come and cut a bouquet!

Our July monthly meeting on the 14th will be a cookout and potluck in the evening if the weather cooperates.  Does anyone have a volleyball or badminton net?  In addition to food and fun, the T-shirts YOU have ordered will be there for everyone who makes the meeting.  Bring a dish to share!  

                                 see you there –