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3/10/18 – Spring IS Coming!

It was a beautiful and productive day for our garden community.

All of the leaders welcomed new member Kelly with a tour.  Many of us worked on extending the compost bin that is made from salvaged cement blocks (thanks Pam!).  Bhavana sprayed fertilizer on seedlings which will happily gobble it up.  Tammy and Kelly inventoried and reseeded beds as needed.  Maggie set some donated slate for cut throughs in the flower borders. I worked on the red raspberry trellis up in the front.

Later William and Alex, who brought Manny his dog, built a fire for warmth.  Carlos and Layla worked on the grill which included portabellas.  Joe and Donna, who were both under the weather, came along with Rochelle and Maggie and William’s kids to the lunch and meeting around the fire.  Pam told a story about how she nearly killed a visitor with hot peppers because he didn’t quite believe how hot they were.  Three of the upcoming events were assigned dates:  spring BBQ combo sale #1 is set for April 14, plant sale at 40/42 Strawberry Festival on April 28 and spring BBQ combo sale #2 is on May 19.

We will start having evening work days through the week because of the daylight savings time change this weekend.  I told William and George that the time change is good because a noisy bird outside my window wakes me up 15 minutes early weekdays.  Now I will be able to wake the bird up.

In spite of snow in the forecast, spring IS coming!