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Garner Grows Community Garden: Share The Work, Share The Harvest
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Juliette “Jette” Rouse

Juliette often jokes that she is the “Black Thumb” of her family, and she was hesitant to join the garden until recently. When she learned that Garner Grows was in need of a Website Admin, she jumped at the chance to contribute to a worthwhile cause!

Member Calendar

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4: Martin Petherbridge

Martin is the Leader at Garner Grows that acts as our public speaker. He was instrumental in helping to represent us when petitioning the Town of Garner to provide our garden with a new plot of land right in the heart of Garner, so that members would have easy access!

2: Tammy Kennedy

Tammy Kennedy has been a member since 2010 and was the first leader after Maggie. The plant geek of the group, she enjoys learning about any and all plants – the odder the better and is happy to share said knowledge if you ask. But, she’s a talker, so you’ve been warned! She also enjoys planning the crop rotations and raising butterflies. She feels the best part of the garden is the family that the members become.

3: Pam Bonilla

Pam has been a member of the garden since 2013 and quickly took on a leadership role. As our New Member Liaison, you will speak with her quite a bit if you choose to join our garden. She is also our Procurement Specialist; meaning she has a knack for finding garden supplies cheaper than dirt (pardon the gardening pun), or even for free!

1: Mary “Maggie” Tubilleja

Her given name is Mary, but she prefers to be called “Maggie”, and she has been with the garden since 2010 when she originally founded it! A self-proclaimed introvert, Maggie says she started the garden as a way to meet new people and it was successful beyond her wildest dreams!

5: Layla Bonilla

A garner resident born and raised, Layla joined Garner Grows in 2014, and took on a leadership role in 2019. Permaculture enthusiast and lover of all things livestock, Layla is your go-to person for questions about small scale animal care and homesteading.