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Verbena Homestead Purple

Proofreaders: This page is simply a mockup I copied and pasted from another website, so it won’t be going live and you don’t have to proofread the content for errors. The Plant Database will be a time-consuming project that won’t be ready for a while, but you can give feedback on the idea and how you think it should be formatted, linked, etc. Tammy also suggested linking directly to the Square app inventory, so I am going to look into that.

A blooming machine of large rich velvety purple flowers – Verbena blooms from May through the summer until frost – a great choice for the low-maintenance garden. Be sure to allow plenty of room. This flamboyant knockout is stunning paired with silver-leaved plants like Artemisia, Lamb’s ears or a white-flowered form of Echinacea. Spring shipping only.


Height:Short 12″
Spacing:Plant 2-3′ apart
Bloom Time:Early Summer to Late Fall
Sun-Shade:Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Zones:6-10   Find Your Zone
Soil Condition:Normal
Pot Size:3.5″ square x 4″ deep