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Garner Grows Community Garden: Share The Work, Share The Harvest
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Code of Conduct

Issued by Garner Grows Board of Directors, April 2023

Garner Grows Community Garden is about engaging with people and the community. We are committed to being a welcoming, safer, and pleasant place for all, regardless of their backgrounds, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Discrimination, harassment, threatening, rude, or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated. 

We do not allow these activities at our garden:

  1. Smoking or vaping 
  2. Drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs 
  3. Possession or use of firearms or other weapons 
  4. Bringing dangerous pets
  5. Sexual harassment of any kind
  6. Overly affectionate behavior that causes others to feel uncomfortable
  7. Solicitation by unauthorized organizations and sale of unauthorized products
  8. Proselytizing of religion or belief system
  9. Inappropriate or offensive language that is not acceptable within the context of our community norms

If you observe or experience this behavior, please report it to our arbiter Jen Heath at