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Garner Grows Community Garden: Share The Work, Share The Harvest
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Affiliate Links

Over the years we have had dealings with a lot of different companies and people during both our gardening and our socializing at Garner Grows. Not everyone who has contributed to Garner Grows has done so with monetary donations, although those are of course important! There are many other things we receive that help us keep our garden running smoothly as well. It might be donated goods and services, or even paid goods and services that have earned our loyalty by always exceeding our expectations! Since we are a social community as much as we are a gardening group, we also appreciate the local establishments that play host to our often large and boisterous group

Sponsors – Here you will find links to those who have made donations to Garner Grows. As a non-profit organization, we couldn’t get by without them!

Business Partners – Non-profit doesn’t mean we get everything for free, so when we have dealings with a company that goes above and beyond to provide excellent service we like to pay tribute by recommending them to you!

Favorite Local Spots – These are places that we frequent on a regular basis when we have social gatherings. While these establishments do not necessarily make donations to Garner grows and therefore might not be on our Sponsors page, they get honorable mention on our website for being so welcoming to our large group of members!