Share the Harvest Guidelines and Operations


Harvest Guidelines: Every time you work in the garden you are allowed to harvest and take home any food you will eat.  This is judged by the honor system.  The garden will collect an annual membership of $30 from each member household.  The membership fee amount remains low in order to encourage participation of low-income households in sustainable living and gardening.  Members are expected to work at least 4 hours a month to qualify for a share the harvest.

The garden operates through shared garden plots.  Gardening with a group allows for a larger variety and yield.  Specific vegetables and layout are designed each year depending on share the harvest members and may alter from year to year.  All members participate in planting and maintenance of shared garden plots and overall garden infrastructure.  All gardening takes and harvests are shared equally. As part of this garden membership we have a goal of approximately 10% of the food grown to be donated to local Garner food pantries.


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