Trees and bushes

updated 9/2/20
If followed by a 0, it’s out of stock; we may be able to get it back in.  
Brugmansia pink  $10; $20ea
Brugmansia orange  $30
Buddleia butterfly bushes  $6 ea
Callicarpa americana, beautyberry  $25ea
Cercis redbud  $20ea
*Cornus floridus, Dogwood  $3 ea; $15ea
Euonymous, $6ea
Gardenia $3 ea
Forsythia  $15ea
Hibiscus probably white/pink  $6
Hibiscus ‘Luna Rose’  $10ea
Hibiscus syriaca, Rose of Sharon  $6
Hibiscus ‘Lord Baltimore’  $15
*Lagerstroemia indica, Crape Myrtle, pink,  $25ea
*Magnolia grandiflora $20
Mahonia  $6;  $10;  $15ea

* tree