2020 varieties, updated 5/27/20
ON SALE for $2 each!
Amount available followed by price. If followed by a 0, it’s out of stock; we may be able to get it back in.

Bella rosa 1 $2ea
    large red tomatoes, good balanced flavor, determinate
Better boy 7 $2ea
    red, large fruit, classic flavor
Big beef 10 $2 ea
    huge red
Celebrity 12 $2 ea
    med red
Early Girl  4 $2ea
    red, early, meaty & firm
Juliet grape 4 $2ea
    large grape type, doesn’t crack
Lemon boy  3 $2ea
    large sweet bright yellow fruit
La Roma lll 3 $2 ea
    productive paste type, determinate
Patio tomatoes  1 $2ea
    red, sweet 4 oz fruits, determinate
Pink girl  1 $2ea
    pearly pink, mild flavor, resists cracking
Super sweet 100 7 $2 ea
    small red cherry
Sungold  13 $2ea
    small golden cherry, cracks easily, fantastic flavor
Open Pollinated (heirlooms):
Bellstar 3  $2ea
    round paste type tomato
Black cherry 7 $2ea
    dark skinned fantastic flavored medium cherry.  
Black icicle 4 $2ea
   paste type dark skinned rich flavored fruit
Black Krim 4 $2ea
   purple black medium sized fruit; delicious rich flavor.
Black vernissage 3 $2ea
    small dark, striped fruit
Cherokee Purple 11 $2ea
   purple pink fruit with incredible flavor.  cracks easily, pick early.
Chocolate stripe 1 $2ea
    dark purple with green stripes & great flavo
Constoluto Genovese 1 $2ea
   large italian, intense flavored, acidic red fruits that tend to be lobed  
Cosner 2
    dark pink 8-12 oz fruit, good flavor
Gardeners delight 4 $2ea
   classic tomato flavor in medium cherry
Gardeners sweetheart 3 $2ea
    cross between roma & gardener’s delight.  sweet, red large cherry  
German Johnson 4 $2ea
    large pink sweet heirloom
Great white 2 $2ea
    huge creamy white, very fruity complex flavor
Homestead 7 $2ea
    8 oz red flavorful & meaty; disease resistant
Honeydrop 5 $2ea
   OP version of sungold.  
Mr Stripey  15 $2ea
    large yellow base with red streaks throughout flesh, good flavor
Mortgage lifter 3 $2ea
    16 oz pink fruit, old fashioned flavor
Roma 2 $2 ea
    red, 6-8 oz paste
Soldacki 3 $2ea
    huge pink heirloom.  sweet flavor
Sweet currant 3 $2ea
   tiny very sweet red fruit by the thousand
Tappys heritage 5
    smooth large red fruit wonderful flavor, disease resistant
Wapsipinicon peach 2 $2ea
    pale peach colored large cherry/saladette size.  creamy flavor.
DWARF indeterminate tomatoes that top out around 4’with full size fruit. Open pollinated.
hard to find; part of the dwarf tomato project.
Dwarf Chocolate Lightening  2 $2ea
   dark purple brown with green metallic stripes 4-8oz fruit  
Dwarf Emerald Isle 2 $2ea
   potato leaf, green fruited variety
Dwarf Gerald’s Lightening 3 $2ea
   dark purple with green metallic stripes 4-8oz fruit 
   (like pink berkely tie dye)
Dwarf Rosella Crimson  3 $2ea
   red medium sized fruit