Gardening Resources

Plant Database – This area will be an educational resource for the various plants we grow and sell, providing information about where they grow, how to grow them, the seasons they bloom, the zones they grow in etc. This section can also be a resource for our local Plant Sales customers to research what we might offer at our sales, and which plants will best suit their gardening needs, prior to attending a sale.

Garden Tools – This section would contain information about the various tools we have found useful in the garden, particularly if we have preferred brands or styles of those items. For example, I have heard Layla mention in the past the difficulty in finding good gloves to fit small hands. If we can apply and get approval to become Amazon Affiliates, then we can create a section of the site that lists various gardening tools that are available on Amazon, and then earn a commission on anything that visitors purchase through our website!

General Gardening Info – This section would contain general information and tutorials about gardening. Things like hugelkultur gardening, pest control, fertilization methods, irrigation, how to build raised beds, composting methods and tips, how to make mushroom logs, etc. This section would also be a great place to create written tutorials to coincide with any of the Workshops we do, so our local community citizens who take the workshops can refer back to the tutorial if they have trouble remembering everything, and non-local visitors can learn too (they just don’t get the added benefit of the in-person training).

Recipes – This item is actually already on the website, and obviously would not be listed under the Garden Resources menu, but I wanted to mention it here since we are talking about ways non-local traffic can make money for us. By expanding our Recipes section, we can tap into a whole new market on the web! People all over the world use the internet to find recipes and cooking information. Not only can our recipes help drive more traffic to our website, but an Amazon Affiliate program can also benefit us here, as we can list not just garden tools for sale, but also kitchen tools!