One saturday i gave a visitor a quick tour of the garden and later realized that everybody doesn’t know a few things.

We make our own excellent compost, in addition to compost now’s contribution to the garden.  Coffee grinds and leaves are picked up by hardworking members.  Table scraps (minus meat products or oils) are welcome additions, too.  It’s turned frequently and moved through a couple bins as it gets close to being usable.  

In dry weather scheduled volunteers water delicate seedlings, and raised beds.  We are working to figure out how to install a drip irrigation system to cut down on time needed for these tasks.

GG members have input on which vegetables to plant.  From seed to fruit we nurture them.  We always plan to sell extra seedlings to raise money for garden necessities like irrigation supplies, potting soil, tools, lumber, miracle grow, diatomaceous earth and T shirts.  Next saturday is our last scheduled plant sale until probably fall. You can always reach out to purchase plants by appointment.  

We all have our own skills and interests that we can share with others.  The strength of our group is in everyone bringing their talents to the table.  Our three lovely lady leaders might need to be introduced:

     Maggie – garden founder and visionary, saturday leader, glue that holds everything together, diplomat and spinach obsessed.

     Pam – chief scrounger and procurer, monday or tuesday leader, hilarious story teller, plant propagator and sales, and email extroidinaire.

     Tammy – web page updater, thursday leader, manic seed starter, crop rotation guru, plant propagation and sales, and major plant geek.


Blackberries are in season!  Every few days we pick another 4-6 quarts.  Red raspberries are also in season, but since we may gather a pint, they never reach members homes.  Blueberries and wineberries may be ready in a month.  As Most Bishop Micheal Curry (who also married Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) said in a service at the church last year “the sweetness of the fruit is in the strength of the root.”

Please note that our next meeting will be next saturday June 9th.  More details to follow in an email…

This has been a public service announcement by Pete

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