Garner Grows Needs to Grow

When we ask ourselves what we need most at Garner Grows, the answer always seems to be the same. We need more bodies. More people who enter the garden for the first time and say “I want to see this whole thing planted,” as one new member did not long ago. Right now, our membership families are carrying too much of the burden and too much of the garden lies fallow.

So the next obvious question is “How do we get more people?” There is the necessity of getting the word out, but with added emphasis on getting the word out to the right people.

So let’s carry over a dialog into the comments and brainstorm some ways to increase membership. Events? Distributing flyers and business cards? Joining Chamber of Commerce? A weekly farmstand? What other organization in the community can we enlist to help spread the word? Talk to us, gardeners!

By the way, we now have a Twitter account for you to follow: @garnergrows

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  1. Leigh Statham says:

    Blog swaps? just ran an article for our blog. I’d be happy to swap logos with you for our blogs. Actually I already have link to your site up there.

    Also, library events, bcards and posters around town, hooking up with the White Deer Park gang/ town of Garner. Are you on the Town of Garner website?

    I still think it would be smart to invest in a BIG SIGN for the actual location. You are on a busy street, most people I talk to still don’t know where you are…. Want more?:)

    I’m happy to help with anything I can even though we don’t make it out very often.

    1. garnergrows says:

      Great ideas! I expect nothing less from a catalyst like you.

      Email me details on swapping logos. You just need our images to put on your blog? I didn’t know Garner Produce had a blog. I’ll check it out!

      Library events have never gotten us more than two or three people showing up. May be worth trying again if we utilize all the other outlets to announce the event – Facebook (I’m trying to figure out whose email account was used to set this up), Twitter, and the blog. All of these will hopefully have a larger audience if I keep working on creating a buzz. What? A local Garner buzz is still buzz.

  2. garnergrows says:

    I know. .I know What we really need most is an angel investor with lots of money. Assuming one is not going to fall out of the sky…what next?

  3. Jon Pitt says:

    How about an article in the Garner News? Sky writing over the Lake Benson 3rd of July festival?😉

    1. garnergrows says:

      Articles do generate a lot of hits on the website. I’ll check with the Cleveland-Garner paper that comes out every Wednesday and see if they want to run something on the Jaycee service day.

      I wish we had the funds for sky writing, but maybe we should plan to pass out business cards to as many people as possible that day. Good idea!

  4. pete says:

    last minute notice but garden web is having a plant swap today from 2-4 at white deer park. it is pot luck plus bring plants and trade for ones you want! i’m taking plants for tammy, but i go for the food and friends. red beans and rice from me but some buy fried chicken or store desserts…pete and livian

    1. garnergrows says:

      Thanks, Pete. Tammy told me about it before she left. I was feeling under weather and didn’t make it to this one. I bet it was fun! I’ll be at the next for sure.

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